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This page is for news on latest initiatives from the data group.  Contact for the data group is Ian Morris, VK3IFM


Data group net is held each Monday night at 8:30 PM    The group meets on 3.635 MHz   The group is using V4 Chat software.  Monitor the frequency or use the ARQ CQ function to put out a general so people know you are there. ARQ is used between to stations.     Change to FEC mode for group chat.

V4 Chat software is available through the Yahoo Group:
Join the V4 protocol group…files can be downloaded from the files section of this reflector        Rick KN6KB

You need to join first, then when accepted, you will be able to access the Files folder on the left of the address above.
There is also a HELP file – which is a must.
My system is frequently running on 14073 USB, but also 7073 and 3635.
You can make a ARQ call to my callsign, and if its there, it will connect (even if Im not watching it).  Remember, USB is always used for Data.  More information soon. DPW

 Ian Morris says:

Along with the WinLink Radio Mail System (RMS) PACKET gateway on 145.200Mhz which has been operating for some time. I now have an 80 m station on 3.6355Mhz. under test. This station is a RMS WINMOR gateway software with WINMOR sound card based TNC. These gateways allows users with RMS Express to send and receive messages over the radio. Messages can also be sent and received to any SMTP address. (that is normal email addresses) The Winlink system has 6 post offices around the world, these are called CMS (Central Message Server) where messages are stored. The RMS PACKET and RMS WINMOR provide radio access to the CMS network. More information is available from or


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  1. John Elliott says:

    Have downloaded the program will give it a test over the next week. Let me know what freq is probably the best to contact somebody.

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