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  1. VK3ZR says:

    MARS Operators Complete “Exemplary” Simulated Disaster Response Exercise

    Radio amateurs in the Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) concluded an unprecedented 48-hour marathon exercise November 5 that linked the continental US, Hawaii, Japan, Europe, and Canada during a simulated breakdown of normal communication systems, including the Internet. . .

    . . .The exercise involved the transmission of hundreds of encrypted messages via HF radio. . .

  2. VK3ZR says:

    Yagi – the man behind the antenna

    The Yagi antenna can be found everywhere – land, sea and air. So who was the man who brought us this ubiquitous device?

  3. VK3ZR says:

    Victoria kicks off $24.6m digital radio replacement

    The Victorian Government has begun a $24.6 million project rolling out 6000 new communications radios for the state’s firefighters . . .

  4. VK3ZR says:

    Oceus Demos High-Altitude Balloons on Band 14 for FirstNet
    “…provide broadband coverage and communications services to first responders within the first 72 hours following an emergency or natural disaster.”

  5. VK3ZR says:

    Rogue beer fridge caught by Telstra ‘robot’

    How data analysis drives interference out of NextG network.

    A beer fridge in north-east Victoria is the latest victim of an increasingly-sophisticated software “robot” employed by Telstra to identify things that interfere with its mobile network. . .

  6. VK3ZR says:

    Feds urged to retain Telstra copper in NBN world
    “The Victorian Government has urged its Federal counterpart to consider running Telstra’s copper and NBN fibre networks side-by-side until the latter proves its credentials to stay online in an emergency.”

  7. VK3ZR says:

    Fighting fires using radio communication article about updates to NSW RFS radio systems.

  8. VK3ZR says:

    West Mountain Radio Fall 2012 Newsletter contains an interesting article on “Battery Back-Up Power During An Emergency”

  9. VK3ZR says:

    Winlink used to call for help for crew of Bounty replica sunk during hurricane Sandy

    “…Faunt told the ARRL that the Bounty crew tried various methods, including a satellite phone, to call for help, “but we got nothing when tried calling out on HF. We tried calling the Maritime Mobile Net, but nothing was out there. We had Winlink on the ship that we used for e-mail and accessing the Internet to post to blogs and to Facebook, and we finally found an e-mail address for the Coast Guard. As a last-ditch effort, we used Winlink to e-mail the Coast Guard for help. Within an hour, we heard a C-130 plane, and later, a helicopter overhead.” According to Faunt, it was Walbridge, as master of the ship, who sent out the distress message…”

    Full article

  10. VK3ZR says:

    Victoria’s First State Bushfire Plan developed with the Country Fire Authority, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade, the Department of Sustainability and Environment and the Fire Services Commissioner.

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