US Robotics Modems 56k Upgrade

To suit USRobotics Sportser Faxmodem Model #1786.


  1. PC running Win95, 98, NT.
  2. Program called 178602.exe. (Program comes zipped in a file called us178602.exe).
  3. Terminal program such as Telex, Procomm, Hyperterminal, etc.

Flash ROM Upgrade:

  1. Connect modem to appropriate serial port and turn on the modem. You do not need to install any drivers for this to work.
  2. Run the file 178602.exe. It will automatically detect the USR modem and ask if you wish to upgrade the ROM. Click on “Flash” to proceed.
  3. When the upgrade has completed, exit the program, turn off the modem for 5 seconds and then turn on the modem again.

Modifying the modem’s default settings:

You will need to use a terminal program that communicates with the appropriate serial port for this section. (ie. Telex, Hyperterminal, etc.). Make sure the port speed is set to 38400.

  1. Type at and make sure you get an OK from the modem. If not check your software settings are correct for the port you using.

  2. Send the command at&f0
  3. Next send the command string atx3y0&b1&p1s0=2&w0&w1
  4. Finally, send ati4 to confirm changes. Check that "baud" is set to 38400.

The modem now has correct firmware settings and upgraded to handle the V90 protocol.

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