Ring/Busy Tone Bug

PROBLEM After 2-3 Rings or busy tones after dialing out the modem Hangs up and
says that the line is busy.

CAUSE ( Found by monitoring data sent to modem )

For some reason during setup the default modem setup string held in the
Windows registry is changed so that it includes an “X4” command for the modem.
The `Xn’ command sets the modem into 1 of 5 different modes that change the
response codes to suit the phone system being used. ( See Result Codes P148 in
manual ). Both X2, X4 have a fast dial mode which I think expects only 1 ring
before the phone is answered at the other end unfortunately after two tones it
is too Late!. To add to the problem X4 is the modem default !!.

THE FIX At this stage there are 2 ways of overcoming the problem

Fix 1. In windows dialup dialog box add the commands Y0X1 into the Add extra
modem commands box to force the modem to use the X1 selection.

Fix 2. ( This is probably the better option as it sets the Windows Default
correctly ).


Click RUN ENTER regedit and Run ( Be Careful this is win95’s big list ! )

click EDIT , Find

Search for B0X4 You may get a number of hits but in a folder under modems you
should get the offending setup ).

On the right hand side of the screen you will see an `[ab] 1′ followed by a
modem command something like this

To change this select this line and then right Click and select MODIFY

all that needs to be modified is to change the ……B0X4 to …B0X1 and
click OK

Exit from Registry Editor, You may have to restart windows but probably not.

Now you can run your modem without the offending problem …


When you first turn on the modem use a modem program to reset the modem
to its default settings ( Telix or Hypreterm will work fine )


ATI4 gives Current modem settings ( and you can see if it is responding )

ATZ3 Resets modem to factory defaults

( most of the defaults are OK for use anyway )

ATX1 Set the offending result code correctly

ATY0 Set power-on rest default

&W0 Save profile into both profile 1 and 2.

&W! ( modem should be ready to go …)

The Full Path to the modem folder is







either 0000 or 0001

(depends on No. Of modems installed in Past )


INIT (The Problem Folder )


Have Fun …

Regards Pete Thorp

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