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  1. John Morrissey says:

    A bit more information about Emcomwin:
    EmcomWin is the software developed by the EMCOM group (formerly RECOM).
    The software facilitates data communications over many different platform types including VHF/HF/Satellite/PSTN. However Emcomwin’s primary use has been for HF platforms using SCS (Pactor) modems.
    Any field station using Emcomwin on HF has access to an array of permanently operating EMCOM Network stations for data/message delivery to clients, the Network stations acting as multi frequency digital RF to Internet Gateways. In addition secure messaging and file transfer of text, spreadsheets, data files and images between field stations is catered for. The field data sent using Emcomwin to an EMCOM Network station is presented to the client via easily accessed, secure, password protected web pages or via standard email.
    Deployed field stations using Emcomwin can be GPS tracked, all messages and field data is GPS tagged, and all computers in the field can be remotely time-locked to GPS synchronized clocks located at the EMCOM Network stations. Field stations have the ability to GPS map the network and mobile stations at a local level, without going through a Network station.
    To satisfy the legal requirement for data confidentiality when transmitting, Emcomwin transparently encrypts all data with the encryption key ‘rolling’ after each transmission interval, with no operator intervention required. All Emcomwin transactions are time stamped and logged and stored at both the transmit and receiver’s end for later analysis in the event of a subsequent inquest or other formal investigation. In addition, Emcomwin is specifically designed to make best use of available channel capacity with aggressive data compression and careful network design to keep network overheads low.
    As of June 2012, four WICEN operators are equipped with the Emcomwin system with field stations operational.

  2. VK3ZR says:

    RecomWin is the software developed by the Emcom group (formerly Recom). It facilitates data comms over HF using the SCS Pactor modems with specially modified firmware, and includes facilities for Internet email and encryption of data in transit.

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