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  1. Paul Whitaker says:

    I think I may have been a bit cryptic with my last post about HRI.

    First, I would recommend that the best course for new WICEN Data Operators is :
    1. Become proficient with WINMOR HF EMail – WL2K and PtoP
    2. Become proficient with V4Chat
    3. Become proficient with RMS Express Packet WL2K VHF EMail
    4. Become proficient with HRI (as an advance on V4Chat)
    5. Lots of other choices for your consideration – Easy Pal, RFSM8000,
    6. Pactor 3 (HF Email WL2K & PtoP)

    A bit more about Ham Radio Integrator (HRI) –
    The ARQ & FEC modes of Winmor Chat are included in a much larger package
    that includes software to control radios, antenna tuners, amplifiers, coax switches, relays etc.
    For our purposes, its a bit unfortunate that the GUI does not go strait to the Chat portion of the program – but you need to wade thru a number of screens till you find it.
    As the author of the software explains (Howard N3ZH) in the Documentation file, it started out as a controller of peripherals in the shack, but the Chat portion has taken off with unexpected popularity.
    I suggested to him that including it in the RMS Express sessions options would round off RMS nicely. It may happen in the future, but at this stage, if your interested in trying HRI, follow the instructions carefully ! (By the way, Howard is one of the programmers of RMS Express & Winmor).

    When you visit the Yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/N3ZH_software/ and become a member, look in the FILES folder on the left of the screen and you will see these 2 files:

    Read the Documentation before you start to install the software. Read the discussion about Java.
    We have been netting on Dial 3635, 7073, 14072 (14073 is V4 frequency) USB.
    Im happy to help people get going – call me on 0414 314025 and we can talk thru it.

    As for hardware – Thats a whole new issue. The Signalink is popular, as are other boxes. Its also easy to Home Brew an interface that does the CAT control as well.
    I dont own the Signalink devices, so Im limited use in setting them up. A number of members use them with good results, so talk to them.

    As for the path ahead – Monday’s 20:30 hours local, 3635 USB. At this stage, we are using V4 Chat – but I have found that the FEC mode (broadcast messages – Net operations) is next to useless ! Ill get back to the Data EMail List to discuss the progress of our core Data operators, recruitment of new operators, Modes, a structured practice schedule for our Data Nets and how Data is able to be deployed in events and activations.
    Paul Whitaker.

  2. Paul Whitaker says:

    Marks request for us to become more ordered in our endeavors, set goals, settle on capabilities, is important. Before I put my 2 cents worth in, I thought it a good idea to fill in what I am using.
    I have moved on from V4 Chat, deciding that HRI is a far superior mode for my needs. I also feel that because its based on the Winmor protocol, its may be better to keep in the same stable – with RMS Express.
    RMS Express seems to be evolving into the main stay – as a starting place for Packet, Pactor, Winmor and others..
    Having said that, there are other modes out there, and RFSM-8000 seems to be worth investigating. I will be looking at that in a couple of days – report to follow.

    If your interested in looking at HRI, once again join its Yahoo group, then download the latest program and help file form the FILES menu.
    See – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/N3ZH_software/
    Some people have had some problems, but read the installation instructions at the front of the help file – details about Java.
    Good luck. Paul Whitaker.

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