Pajero Challenge

The Pajero Challenge has now been run by the Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria for more than 20 years. It is a navigation challenge that takes place over 24 hours, starting at 9:30am on a Saturday and finishing at 10:00am on the Sunday. There are four sections to the event, and the teams are required to take compulsory rest breaks between the sections. At the commencement of each section, each team (a car is a team that may have two to four occupants) will receive a set of instructions. The team is required to read those instructions and from these notes determine where they are required to drive over the section. These notes are not always easy and can become quite challenging for them and if they plot a position on the map in error, they will potentially miss checkpoints and questions along the way. The team at the end of the event with the most points wins.

The role of WICEN at this event is to provide communications for safety, logistics and information to the competitors, officials and organisers. At each Checkpoint WICEN will have a radio operator who will relay messages to and from the checkpoint coordinator. The WICEN operator at the checkpoint will also be required to provide information back to Net control consisting of car numbers and the arrival and departure times of the cars at the checkpoint. They may also be required to ensure messages are passed on to the competitors or from the competitors to the event organisers. This may particularly be the case if there is any form of emergency. A medical team will be at the event and they will have radio contact with WICEN through the course of the event. The medical team will be based at the Start/Half Way/Finish location but will be mobile on occasions and may require directions to an incident. There will be a mobile WICEN operator travelling with each section leader and the overall track coordinator. Net Control will manage the communications between the event organisers, section leaders, medical staff, checkpoint crews and of course WICEN operators.

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