Mallee Rally

The Mallee Rally is a rally for off-road buggies conducted on the Sunday of the Queen’s Birthday weekend by the Sea Lake Off Road Club. The rally is conducted around the perimeter of Lake Tyrrell, just North of Sealake township.

WICEN tracks the competitors as they pass through the 15 checkpoints around the approximately 120 km track which is traversed 4 times. Stations with packet radio capability pass the times competitors pass back to Net Control to allow the organisors to locate the buggies should any go missing. WICEN also provides a voice safety network, and provides Net Control operator(s) for the UHF CB net used by the recovery officials.

As the event is so far from Melbourne (a 4.5 hour drive from the Eastern Suburbs), most WICEN personnel camp at the track on the Saturday and Sunday nights.

More information about this activity can be obtained from Paul Elvey