Murray Marathon

The Murray Marathon Training Exercise is conducted in conjunction with the YMCA and the Vicsuper Murray Marathon.

The Marathon is a canoe race on the Murray river that starts at Yarrawonga on 27th December and finishes 504km further down the river in Swan Hill on 31st December each year.

Each year while hundreds of canoes paddle their way down the river they are supported by their own support teams, and along with all the officials, volunteers and spectators there are a few thousand people moving down the river with the event.

WICEN has a team of 25 amateurs who provide communication and logistical support for the event by establishing six check point stations each day operating on HF and 2 metres while another six to eight mobile stations in boats and vehicles move with the canoes to supervise their safety.

The event is always a success WICEN training exercise. With those involved in setting up stations and handling both formal and informal messages each day, and enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow amateurs as they camped together each night in the camp sites provided by the YMCA.

For more details on how the event is conducted have a look at the Murray Marathon Standard Operating Procedures and the network diagram contained on the last page.

If you are interested in joining the team for the next event please do not hesitate to call Gerard Werner VK3GER on 03 9773 6313

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