This training package is designed to provide WICEN members with the knowledge and practical experience to carry out their duties as emergency radio operators in situations when WICEN is called out by the authorities to assist with emergency communications

Although WICEN can never know the exact nature of any callout, and therefore cannot train for specific activities, we need to be prepared for a range of likely activities. This training package will give members a knowledge of the communications techniques and procedures used by Australian emergency service agencies.

Emergency Management Australia (EMA) is part of the National Security and Criminal Justice Group within the Attorney-General’s Department. It provides national leadership in the development of measures to reduce risk to communities and manage the consequences of disasters.

EMA have produced a series of manuals which includes “Manual 38 – Communications”. WICEN has based our training on this manual to maximise compatibility with the techniques and procedures of the agencies we are likely to serve. For example; our training teaches basic principles that allow us to easily adapt to using other agencies message forms or log systems. The aim is to enable us to blend into their operations as seamlessly as possible.

The WICEN training package is divided into three sections representing increasing skill levels of the member. These are “Message Handler”, “Station Operator”, and “Commander”. These sections have prerequisites to ensure that they are undertaken in order. That is, a member must have completed the Message Handler section before undertaking Station Operator training, and members undertaking Commander modules must have completed the Station Operator section. Data comms and other supplementary training are also incorporated the scheme.

Members are encouraged to take the initiative to advance their training, and take the opportunity to complete modules when they are available. The training is competency based, and members will be assessed at the conclusion of each module.

The training package is freely available on the WICEN website to allow members to look ahead and determine the next training step they wish to take. Select the qualifications from the Training drop down menu to access the relevant training modules.